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Category Messaging

Use targeted Category sponsorship to reach MeasuredUp users when they search reviews by "Category".

We have 28 different categories. Make sure your company sponsors your category.

When you sponsor a category, your company is featured at the top of the appropriate category pages getting your brand and message in front of interested consumers when they are making purchase decisions.

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Company Pages

Harness the power of MeasuredUp and use a customized company page created around your company name to connect directly with your customers.
Share company news, updates, announcements, specials or brand messages. Answer complaints, reward loyalty, solve disputes, gain insight, develop relationships and build your customer service reputation.

Contact us today to learn how you can brand your own MeasuredUp "Company Page" that customers can find when researching purchasing decisions.

Product Pages

Use our targeted "Product Page" space as a product message platform.

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Featured Company Homepage

Featured company names appear as text links in the right of the home page at
Brands with a Company Profile page may opt for featured company status to obtain this exclusive front page headline placement.

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Targeted Banners

Place your company's banner ad on MeasuredUp category, company, and review pages or in the sidebar reaching consumers when they are researching purchasing decisions.

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Banners will be targeted and served to consumers based on the name of your company, by the category your company is in or by keyword. You reach the consumer at the right time when they are making purchase decisions.

Banner ads are vertical and they must be either 120x600 pixels or 120x240 pixels in size.
Banner Advertising on MeasuredUp

The Best Customer Is A Happy Customer

Improve revenue - Partner free with MeasuredUp or advertise on MeasuredUp. MeasuredUp allows you to learn more about your customers tastes and opinions as well as what they think of your competitors. The more you know the better you can adjust and improve. Keeping your customers happy means a better bottom line for you.

Know what they are saying - Your customers are already talking about you to each other and online. Stay ahead of consumer complaints and bad PR by following MeasuredUp. You can also use MeasuredUp to distribute announcements, improvements, specials, messages, advertising or promotions in real time directly to your customers.

Learn about consumer sentiment towards your brand or a competitors by consulting MeasuredUp first. Your company websites don't get you the real opinions and feedback because consumers do not use them or believe you do. Focus groups rarely work as they are contrived and consumers can be intimidated from sharing.

Reach your customers - The marketing landscape today of blogs, digital content and video have created a chaotic environment in which your brand must compete. Consumers are skeptical, dollars are tight and the internet is the great brand equalizer. If you don't proactively reach out to your customers online then they will define you as they want. Negative reviews or comments will come up in search results and hurt your online reputation and revenue.

If you are a brand or business owner then you should partner with MeasuredUp to increase your revenue and traffic. If you are an agency media planner or buyer include MeasuredUp in your social networking on online plan.

MeasuredUp is a valuable and targeted component of your marketing plan that builds your Customer Service reputation and brand reaching consumers when they are researching buying decisions and also by allowing you to retain the loyalty of your existing customers.

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Your Online Reputation Matters

Why it works - When your company partners with MeasuredUp you are telling your existing customers and potential consumers that you care about Customer Service and that you are committed to making and keeping them happy customers.

Your customers are smart. They know when a brand is phony and misleading. They also know when one is confidently trying to listen to them and earn their business. You will not be able to solve every customer problem and their are those that just want to make noise with no interest in working with you. But, by proactively partnering with MeasuredUp you are publicly demonstrating your desire to improve customer service , hear your customers and solve problems.

How it works - By partnering for Free with MeasuredUp or advertising on MeasuredUp you are sending a strong message to your current customers and potential consumers that you care about them and want to earn their loyalty. If you are a brand or business owner partner with MeasuredUp to increase your revenue and traffic. If you are an agency media planner or buyer include MeasuredUp in your social networking on online plan.

Be a leader - Stand out from your competition, build your online brand reputation and generate customer word of mouth by partnering free with MeasuerdUp or advertising on MeasuredUp and demonstrating your commitment to memorable Customer Service.

Your customers will reward you with the best advertising, a recommendation.

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Keep Your Customers Happy With These FREE Connection Tools

We offer you these free tools to help you manage your customer service and online reputation. We also offer extra targeted sponsorships.
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Partner with MeasuredUp and take advantage of features
Companies seeking to position themselves in a positive light with consumers will choose to partner directly with MeasuredUp - there are several ways your brand can utilize MeasuredUp for free.

1. FREE - Sign up for our Free "Direct Connect" tools.
To start please "Claim" your company name. Click here to learn more.

2. FREE - Write a Free Review about your company
Encourage your clients and customers to write a review about your brand, business, service, or company on MeasuredUp. This costs nothing, Even a single positive review is prime advertising on this leading consumer opinion website where tens of thousands of loyal users actively browse the site every day. Our content and your reviews are also indexed by the search engines so your MeasuredUp brand reviews come up prominently in a search result - a known and important resource for the buying public when making consumer buying decisions.

3. FREE - Download the Free MeasuredUp Customer Service Pledge
If your company has a website you can download and post our "Customer Service Pledge" to your site. The pledge badge that you post on your site tells your visitors that their overall consumer experience with your company is important to you and that their opinions are valuable.

To download the Free MeasuredUp Customer Service Pledge, Click here.

4. FREE - Our Free in store messaging lets your customers know you value them
We understand that illustrating your commitment to in-person customers is equally important which is why we offer MeasuredUp Stickers for your business door or window as well as MeasuredUp Counter Cards for your display table, register counter, or other visible areas. Displaying these items in your place of business tells your customers that you care about them and encourages them to write their own reviews about your company on MeasuredUp. If you're interested in receiving the stickers and/or counter cards, simply contact us and we'll be happy to send them to you.

The MeasuredUp Team.

Direct Connect Tools

Learn more about company sponsorship levels

Message to companies
MeasuredUp offers you targeted brand advertising and online reputation solutions to compliment your advertising media plan. MeasuredUp brings you the whole package: Social Media, Reputation Management, Branding, Building Your Customer Service Reputation, Consumer Learning, Targeted Messaging and the ability to utilize Web 2.0 to the fullest advantage among your customers.

To get started sign up for our Free "Direct Connect" tools. To claim your company name click Click here.

Why MeasuredUp matters
MeasuredUp is the place where smart companies build their brand, keep up on what customers are saying about them and communicate in real time with consumers while building stronger relationships with them and managing online reputation. We like to think of MeasuredUp as a new kind of advertising built with today’s digital media world in mind.

MeasuredUp is for forward thinking, digitally cognizant and customer centric brands. Most great brands have great reviews on the site and the truth is that these reviews both great and not so great are being written across the internet on blogs everywhere in a disorganized way that are hard for a company to follow. On MeasuredUp these online reviews are being aggregated for a company or agency in one place to stay on top of so a company can engage these consumers and resolve any disputes that will lead to great online word of mouth and also to publicly demonstrate the brands commitment to Customer Service.

How MeasuredUp can work for your company
We believe that the fragmentation of traditional advertising media, rise of online social networking and dramatic increase in shared online content is creating a universe where companies are increasingly able to truly engage the consumer through dialog while increasing brand equity and online reputation as defined by the consumer - literally based on the consumer's customer service experience.

Positive consumer reviews and constructive customer comments increasingly play an important role as people turn to the internet for information. MeasuredUp encourages consumer-responsible companies to open conversations with individuals, brand advocates and critics. While we revel in the ease with which net technology helps business grow, the consequence of an internet-connected world is that there is equally unlimited voice share for the consumers themselves through digital word of mouth.

What companies will benefit from partnering with MeasuredUp
Companies who understand the importance of good customer service, the increasing role of online commentary and the necessity of diverse marketing programs will get the most leverage out of MeasuredUp. However, MeasuredUp is also an excellent resource for those companies where good customer service and positive brand reputation have been a challenge but are of the utmost priority. And even, or especially, companies known for particularly terrible customer service should consider MeasuredUp as an excellent first step toward addressing the issue - a virtual olive branch to the disgruntled consumer public.

Contact us today to learn more about how MeasuredUp can enhance your marketing plan, partner with your company to help drive traffic and revenue and build online reputation in an active social network no matter what the current consumer opinion is about your company.

The MeasuredUp Team.


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