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    Since 2007 is the leading consumer customer service resolution and business online reputation management site. Consumers share reviews, complaints or questions about customer service and brand experiences and partner businesses reply directly to them. Consumers just like you rate and review the customer service they experience from any business, large or small, anywhere, at anytime.

    Millions of consumers use MeasuredUp as the site is fun, free and easy to use. You can post a positive review or negative complaint. You can also ask a question. Positive reviews are just as important to post and read as negative reviews and are a great way to reward excellent customer service.

    Thousands of businesses of all sizes use MeasuredUp as the site is a powerful, effective and direct way to reply to customers, build customer service brand and manage online reputation.

  • How do I use
    You can read reviews on by browsing the Categories, or by clicking the 'New Reviews' link. You can also use the Search Box to search for a specific company or business by name or keyword.

    To write your own review click 'Write a Review' and follow the instructions. Writing a review is quick and easy; it takes about two minutes to submit a new review. You can be anonymous and post a picture. All reviews are anonymous. We use the information you provide to categorize and index your review on the site so that other people can find it more easily. Reviews are visible on the site once approved by the MeasuredUp staff and may be indexed by the search engines. We will email you when your review has been approved. We encourage you to be fair in your review and slander or baseless complaining are not encouraged. Give a company a real chance to respond to your review. If we find that you are abusing the system you will be banned from the site.

  • When will my review be visible on the site?
    We review each submission and try to exclude for profanity before being approved. You will be emailed when your review has been approved and added to the site. Please include useful information in your review so the business you review can resolve the issue

  • What is the difference between a consumer review and a support ticket?
    A consumer review is a great way to share a story, compliment or complaint with a company and fellow consumers. A support ticket is a more direct way to make a specific comment to a participating company so that they can more efficiently answer. To increase the likelihood that your comment, question or complaint is read by a company and fellow consumers is to write a review and submit a support ticket. New companies partner with MeasuredUp regularly. If you know of a great company that is not partnered with MeasuredUp please direct them to MeasuredUp.

  • What do companies and businesses think of
    Companies and businesses that care about and value Customer Service actually love because it helps them stay connected to their customers as well as better understand the needs of consumers.

    Businesses that place little or no value on customer service don't like us as much. is a resource for consumers and businesses; providing a platform for consumers to delivering complaints or praise to the companies and businesses they interact with every day and allowing businesses to respond, build their customer service brand and mange their online reputation. Companies that use, advertise or sponsor categories on show how much they care about Customer Service.

    A business may not always be perfect but by partnering with MeasuredUp they show that they are actively listening to their customers.

    Occasionally a negative consumer review might be written about a business that is actually pretty great. We encourage consumers to be fair when writing a review and remember that anyone can have a bad day or experience a misunderstanding.

  • What is the MeasuredUp Pledge?
    Businesses who have taken the MeasuredUp Pledge and post our free link to their website have gone a step further in letting their customers know that providing a positive customer service experience is of the utmost importance. Companies that abide by the MeasuredUp pledge display the pledge text and/or badge on their site on in their physical business locations. Learn more about the MeasuredUp Pledge and get a free link here

  • What if a company doesn't like a review and wants it removed from the site?
    We appreciate that it's not necessarily fun to read negative customer feedback about your own company or business but a review is an opinion by a customer and writing a review is the same as telling a neighbor. Unlike negative word of mouth we actually offer your tools to reply to a customer and resolve a complaint.

    We occasionally delete reviews at the requests of well meaning businesses that have demonstrated an effort to rectify a situation without getting a reply from the customer.

    MeasuredUp also exists to help businesses and has no interest in penalizing them when they are trying to solve a customer complaint.

  • What's your Privacy Policy?
    The privacy of all of our website visitors is extremely important to us. Please click here to read the full text of our Privacy Policy.

  • I know a business or employee that should be on or advertise on
    Great! Go ahead and write a review about them on MeasuredUp. It takes just 2 minutes to do and is completely free. If you'd like to encourage a business to advertise on MeasuredUp or to take the MeasuredUp Pledge then please direct them to our site or have them Contact Us. Businesses that advertise on MeasuredUp and/or take the Pledge stand out as leaders in excellent customer service and make a statement about how important the consumer is to their brand and business. To partner a business with MeasuredUp please contact us here

  • My complaint has been resolved and I want my review to reflect this
    We are happy that MeasuredUp was able to be a help for you. Please conact us here and we will adjust your review to reflect the resolution

  • Registration, Login and Profiles

  • I can't login, it keeps showing the login page again?
    Your browser isn't set to accept cookies from MeasuredUp, you can follow these instructions to correct this issue:

  • I can't write a review, it keeps asking for my username?
    Your browser isn't set to accept cookies from MeasuredUp, you can follow these instructions to correct this issue:

  • I have a problem and I can't find an answer here?
    Please take a moment to report this problem here, it will help us improve
  • How does a company Claim itself so that they can answer support tickets?
    A representative from a company can click the link on a review that says "Claim this company". Once the company is verified the directions on how to respond to customers support ticket will be shared and the company can follow the instructions on how to use the MeasuredUp Direct Connect support ticket process to keep their customers happy. To claim your company name click here

  • Companies

  • How do I partner my company with MeasuredUp?
    A company can partner with MeasuredUp by "Claiming" their company name from our database. Its free and easy and allows them to use our free Direct Connect company tools. To use our free tools click here

  • Why would I want to partner my company with MeasuredUp?
    Consumers are online talking about your company to each other already. By partnering with MeasuredUp you demonstrate to them that you care about them and customer service. By getting in front of problems and answering questions you help build your brand and the best advertising which is word of mouth recommendations. This is called Managing Your Online Reputation and could help your company in search engine results. To partner with MeasuredUp click here

  • What extra tools do you offer companies that are free?
    We offer several tools that are free to companies to go along with them claiming their company name. Companies can also download the MeasuredUp Customer Service Badge, Widget or Pledge to their website. Please click to access these here

  • What extra targeted advertising do you offer companies?
    We offer companies several targeted "Partnership" packages that allow them to reach customers when they are researching competitors or making purchase decisions. these are named "Premium", "Enhanced" or "Category" Partnerships. We also are happy to create custom Partnerships. Please click Direct Connect company tools. To use our free tools click here Please contact us by email to discuss here

  • We have a bad review about us on MeasuredUp and the customer won't reply to us despite our best efforts to rectify the situation?
    Every now and then a customer of yours simply does not want to accept your help or has a grudge. If you think this is happening to your business please contact us by email and we will consider deleting the review or complaint.

    If you are a business and feel that you have been wronged we encourage you to consider what it was that sent someone to MeasuredUp with such a negative perspective. Maybe you or an employee inadvertently have been doing something as a business that you want to correct. We suggest that you direct your satisfied customers to to write some positive, balancing reviews about your business. It's free and easy.

    Should you want to address a customers online review or complaints you can write a "comment" on the review explaining your perspective or you can claim your business name and use our free tools to connect with customers. If you want to solve a customer issue you can reach them through MeasuredUp.

    If you feel a review has been written unfairly about your business or is baseless and you have tried to rectify the situation then please email us and request that the review be deleted. Please include the title of the review in the email.

    Occasionally a business will contact MeasuredUp because they dont like a review. Our position is that if a company spent as much time and effort on Customer Service as they do threatening customers then they likely would not have the complaint in the first place. The internet exists and businesses need to incorporate social media into their marketing an customer service. Unlike most other review sites, MeasuredUp offers free and useful online tools to businesses to help them reply to customers. MeasuredUp was created to help both the customer and the business connect. It is free and easy for a business to the MeasuredUp basic tools. While no one site can completely build your customer service brand or manage your online reputation MeasuredUp is a powerful tool for your business and thousands of consumers and businesses happily use our site.

    As of this writing the courts have upheld publishers rights to post user third party reviews in good faith. We reserve the right to adjust as the courts create and interpret the law. Over the years we have found that unprofessional or shady businesses often take exception with MeasuredUp. The best and most admired businesses are interested in using and building partnerships with MeasuredUp.

    To request a review be deleted please contact us here

  • We replied to a customer review and want the original MeasuredUp review to reflect that any issue has been resolved
    Please let us know the title of the review and we will adjust the original review to reflect resolution. Please contact us here

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