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BR111Complaints says: (8 years ago)
I agree on a few statements that you have made but also feel you are incorrect on others. I have replied to your comment. Do you work for BR111?

BR111Complaints says: (8 years ago)
As you say Daniel let us be fair to the facts. The floor is defective from a NWFA independent inspector that BR111 had sent out. I am not sure if you have dealt with them or if you are a part of there claims department but like you said let's be fair. I purchased BR111 exotic wood flooring because it has been the leader in the exotic wood flooring market for over 20 years and that several 100s of thousands of happy customers later and millions of square feet installed. I do agree it is impossible to make everyone happy but if a "claim" is deemed correct from the independent inspector and not honored by the manufacturer how does that make sense to you? The "Claims" department are there to verify each claim is in fact genuine to protect the company from fraudulent claims. I don't see why a product claim which is deemed genuine would not be honored, do you? I am sure there are claims which are false due to outside factors that are not a part of the product. I am sure BR111 has a team in there claims department which are aware of this and how to deal with this. The fact in which they have honored over $7.0MM in claims shows they were in the business of making the consumer happy but that was then and this is now. This is a claim that has been sent direct to BR111. I am not the only one on this site or others that have had a similar issue. I am not sure of there claims, nor can I comment that there's are genuine all I can comment on is mine and I have the documentation to prove it if anyone questions it.

Quote "One will be very poor minded to think that in today's global economy a company with the size and reliability of BR111 could concentrate the production of its product lines with one single country or supplier, that would make it impossible to offer the variety and quality that has been offered for the past twenty years.". Daniel on this statement I agree that in this global economy and economic struggle that manufacturers need to make a change in order to stay on top and offer there product at a cost of which they can make profit and also sustain quality, but where does that leave the consumer with damaged/defective flooring? Is the consumer who is also in this volatile economy responsible to pay for a product to be removed/replaced by the defective product manufacturer? How does this make any sense? You're making valid points towards the BR111 company but let's be "fair", what's right is to honor a warranty which is sold with a product especially after their independent NWFA inspector deemed the product to be defective. Don't you agree?

Quote "claims" are handled in a technical and ethical way, perhaps the ones here complaining does not fall into those criteria, but should you feel different, please go back to the source you've purchase your BR111 product from and we would be glad to re analyze it for you, if part of the $7MM paid did not include your complain, something might be wrong!"
Daniel I am here reviewing (complaining) here not about the product but in fact a genuine claim not being honored. Are you suggesting that I am not adhering to the technical and ethical aspects of this claim? I don't believe that the BR111 product is all defective, just my floor. I am not stating that BR111 doesn't sell excellent exotic hard wood flooring. What I am stating is that they haven't honored their warranty on a product which is warranted and has been deemed defective by there independent inspector. As for there happy customer I know they have them, it is one of the reason's I had purchased there product, but unfortunately with the long drawn out claim and lack of honored warranty I am not a happy customer and I am sharing what I have gone through with potential buyers. If I would have known this prior to my purchase and realized other buyers who've had genuine claims were not honored I would have not purchased this flooring. There are always two sides to a review, good or bad and that's just to be fair.

BR111Complaints says: (8 years ago)
If you have had an issue with an honored warranty claim please respond to this or e mail me at thank you
(BR-111 Wood Flooring)

BR111Complaints says: (8 years ago)
please contact me at if you have had any non honored warranties. Thank you. RM
(BR-111 Wood Flooring)

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