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Ge Hydrowave Washer Reviews

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Ge Hydrowave Washer Comments

dleroy123 says: (2 months ago)
I HATE, HATE this wasther. From day one, it mangles all the clothes; everything comes out knotted, sraps get caught under the agitator blades and it even turns clothes inside out!!! I HAVE TO SPEND TIME UNWRAPPING THE CLOTHES CAUGHt IN THE AGITATOR. A BIG WASTE OF TIME. Plus it makes a griding noice, like the gears are going bezerk. I will NEVER, NEVER buy another GE product. If I had the money, this would be out on the street and a new one in it's place. AND I TELL EVERYONE I KNOW WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK THIS MACHINE is to spare them the agony of maing a big mistake with a big purchase.

beachbill25 says: (5 months ago)
This seems like nonsense. I have had mine since about 2 years ago...never had a problem. I wash clothes 3 times a week. Only complaint I have is the damn noise when spinning and annoying swooshing sounds.

The complaints about it not cleaning clothes? What the hell do you have on your clothes....soil...mud....potting soil clumps. The machine gets my clothes clean. I have owned a Maytag before and I can say that I prefer Maytag...but this GE gets the job could improve in some aspects but the again its not top of the line. Go spend $1300+ for a washer if you want top of line. For the price I would say its worth it overall.

I think most issues stem from people overloading.

cherylynn says: (5 months ago)
I have just purchased (two weeks ago) a GE Hydro Wave washer from Sears. I did not want a high efficiency washer as most of my friends with them are unhappy. I wanted a larger tub with full water capacity (more water than clothes). I was advised that this was the machine for me and it was on sale. I have the water on Super and still don't have enough to cover a half load of clothes. What gives? I am very unhappy and after reviewing the comments above, I am very sorry I did not do my homework before purchasing this machine.

LessThanPleased says: (9 months ago)
I bought a GE Hydrowave washer, model GTWN4250D0WS, in September, 2012. In January, 2013, it began making a loud banging noise, like the load was unbalanced. It did it with 2-3 loads in a row, so I contacted GE for a warranty repair. Visit #1 was on 1/21/13. A screw for something that stabilized the tub had worked its way loose. The repairman said he'd never seen or heard of this problem before. On 7/21/13, the same symptoms appeared again. Visit # 2 was on 7/26/13, and the screw had worked its way out again, destabilizing the tub. This repairman also said he'd never seen or heard of the problem before. He got a little tin of something clear, put it on both the screw and area it fit into, put it back and said it wouldn't come out again. He ran the washer empty, and all was well. Within an hour of him leaving, I put a load of clothing in, and the problem started again. I called GE's warranty service again, and the woman who answered said she'd try to either turn my repairman around, or find another in the area who could help. No luck on either count. She also set up a tentative third appointment for 8/5/13, which I intend to keep. So far, the value of the repairs totals $293.36. I bought the washer for $539, and it normally sells at Lowe's (where I got it) for $599. I expect Visit # 3 to cost at least as much as either of the previous two, so they will have just about bought the machine with the repairs. I bought the machine at Lowe's and they said GE has been known to work with customers who have problem machines. I hope Lowe's and/or GE can help me out of this mess. I've got 2 great GE appliances in my home, and will no longer buy from them after dealing with this washer.

geisnotforme says: (9 months ago)
Had mine 13 months. Knocking noise during spin cycle. Is there recall for this problem? Have read many post where "counterweight" has broken. What is repair cost?

Louarn94 says: (9 months ago)
Wow, do I wish I had done better research on this GE Hydrowave washer. I hate it also! It doesn't wash correctly and I don't care how you lay the clothes in it it either is half dry when done or soaked., I find it hardly ever spins the clothes dry and I have it on the extra spin cycle and then have to run the extra drain and spin cycle also. This occurs with any size load!I can never seem to get it even.
I can't wait for it to die so I have the excuse to spend the money and get a new washer. And it won't be a GE!

whoopssem says: (12 months ago)
I have had my hydrowave for 2 years and hate it, hate it, hate it. I have tried everything to get the clothes clean. I use only HE detergent. I do small loads (even though it is supposed to be high capacity .
And yes, clothes knot up, get wrapped around the agitator and get stretched and torn especially if you have a load with lots of legs, arms, and tie strings. Even sheets get twisted and knotted.
It is loud. It spins so hard that it leaves permanent wrinkles in some clothing. I haven't found anything good to say about these machines.
GE did replace the machine with another one but it was not any better. Then they replaced the agitator with an "improved" version. That hasn't helped either. I am considering purchasing another machine, another brand. Since I had my Maytags for 25+ plus years with no problems, I may go back to them.
Maybe we should start a law suit. I am tired of all the damage this machine does to my clothing.

NurseHypno says: (1 year ago)
I just got this piece of junk today and it absolutely stinks!!! It does not wash clothes!! It seems like MORE lint is on the clothes when it finishes than there was before it started!! And that is even with washing a much smaller batch of clothes and using the super water level! GE should be ashamed!!!!!!!

NurseHypno says: (1 year ago)
I just got this piece of junk today and it absolutely stinks!!! It does not wash clothes!! It seems like MORE lint is on the clothes when it finishes than there was before it started!! And that is even with washing a much smaller batch of clothes and using the super water level! GE should be ashamed!!!!!!!

ew7166 says: (1 year ago)
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that this washer ties their clothes in knots! When I unload the machine I literally have to untie shirt sleeves, pant legs, and anything with straps! Also, the agitor has spaces under the blades where anything with a strap gets caught and sometimes just ripped off the garment. This is probably what causes all of the knotting. And then, the clothes are so squished and wrinkled from the knots, that even after drying the load,eveything has to be ironed. I would love some feedback from GE on this as this washer is not a tome or energy (mine) saver!

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