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Pharmacy, Drug Program Reviews

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Pharmacy, Drug Program Comments

faulk01 says: (8 years ago)
I have never been so aggravated at one store in My husbands job relocates us at least once a year and I wait till the end of the year and get my yearly drug summary list with the claim#s for filing end of the year claims, they are telling me now they can not get me the information from another location and I have to get it from each location, so I have to drive 4 hours for information that is leaked in their system.
How stupid do people really think we are. And to top it off the market manager repeats the same thinf the pharmacy tells me. What is this world coming to when you can not get your own information???

chrislc69 says: (8 years ago)
Wal-Mart "pharmacists" are the most incompetent people on the face of the planet. They have horrible attitudes and I try to refill my meds a couple days early as to not run out of my medication, and the pharmacist says no its to early and no no and im going to call all of your doctors and blah blah blah and refused to refill ANY of my prescriptions.. Long story short, there should be a class action lawsuit against walmart pharmacies. They are a pain in the ass

disgustedbywalmart25 says: (8 years ago)
Hi, I've been a wm pharmacy customer for years but trying to get my meds from them the last several months has been nothing but drama every time. When I call for a refill I always add 24 hours to whatever promised pick-up time I am given - just to avoid any unpleasantness. The past several months every time I arrive to pick them up they still have not got them ready. When I ask why I get a snotty attitude from the clerk because "they are very busy and everyone just needs to wait their turn." I have no problem waiting my turn, I have problems being lied to. Last Friday I called in my refills on Wal-Marts automated refill service, this service demands a valid telephone number before accepting refills "in case the pharmacy needs to contact me", I was given a pick-up time of noon Saturday. I went to pick them up on Sunday just after noon. I was told that the meds were not ready because they needed my new insurance information. I replied that my insurance has not changed since last month. The pharmacist, Trang, came over then and said, "we cannot fill them, your insurance cancelled you." WTF?? I stated that this was the first I had heard of this and in fact, I don't believe you. Trang responded with "you can believe whatever you want but we cannot fill these without authorization. So then I asked when she spoke to my insurance company and Trang responded with "your insurance co denied your coverage on Friday." So I asked if they had been aware of this issue on Friday, why hadn't anybody contacted me, if I had know that there was an issue on Friday I could have contacted them and figured out what is going on. Now here we are on Sunday and I'm out of my medicine. What can we do about this? Trang responded that it is against Wal-Mart policy to contact people every time there is an insurance issue and I didn't know your insurance company would be closed on Sundays." I explained that I find that hard to believe when the automated system requires a valid telephone number prior to accepting refills - in case the pharmacy needs to contact the customer- and she expected the insurance company to open, on a Sunday?? Trang responded with "there is nothing I can do for you, I don't know what else you want me to say." Well how about I'm sorry you were inconvenienced? How about I'm sorry that you are out of your medication, would you like to purchase a 5 day supply to tide you over while you get your insurance issue worked out? Or how about would you like us to fill the meds and then you can pay for them yourself and submit to the insurance to be reimbursed? Trang responded to this with "I've already said I'm sorry, there is nothing else I can do." So, there I am, on a Sunday, no meds, unable to contact my dr. or my insurance company. I had to wait until the next day, contact my dr's office and explain the situation, drive to her office to pick up some samples to use, contact my insurance company which then told me that my coverage is in affect, nothing has changed and there was no reason those meds could not have been filled. In my opinion, that pharmacy for whatever reason, missed filling my meds, then when I came in for them and expected a reason for their not being ready made up a lie about the insurance as a cover so that their total incompetance and laziness would not be apparant. I've contacted the store management, no response. I've left messages for the pharmacy's district manager but no response to those voice mail messages either. Total incompetance. Poor service. Poor ethics.

fast says: (9 years ago)
idiots working in pharmacy. i live 100 mi round trip away from wal-mart, i call my rxs in 2 or3 days before i need them, when i get there they tell me they are not ready or that some of them are not filled yet. I was really upset last time i went to get my (BLOOD PRESSURE PILLS FILLED). this sort of stupidity happends VERY often . T he drugest there could hardly speak english. No wonder wal-mart has so many lawsuits against them , but your pharmacy is going to cause someones death , if it has not already. WAL-MART stinks.

Jasman says: (9 years ago)
We need smarter people in the Pharmacy department.

Jasman says: (9 years ago)
I called in a prescription for Avodart on Sunday, July 20th. I live 26 miles from the Moses Lake Wal-mart store. Each time I go in I am told that they only had 3 pills for me. Yesterday I called them and they said that they had received one bottle and sent it by UPS the day before minus 5 pills. I did not received that bottle of pills yet and I am going back to Moses Lake this morning to find out what is going on. I am getting sick and tired of them telling me that they are out of this Avodart. I need those pills now and not 3 days from now. Please check to see what is going on in this Moses Lake Wal-Mart store. Thank you.

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