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Magic Jack Voip Telephone Service Reviews

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Magic Jack Voip Telephone Service Comments

NIKIL says: (7 years ago)
I bought the "Magic Jack"a year and a half ago($49.95 for the unit+1 year of service);it worked fine for 7 months,then...I started getting that error which indicates that I am not connected to the Internet(like several other comments I see in this blog;I contacted their"Tech Support"several times with no resolution...the last time i called,they"re-promissed me they would call me within a couple of days with a solution....TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...OBVIOUSLY!!!!!

Niki135 says: (9 years ago)
Handle your customers needs and quit the overwhelmed actions that warp your brains and ruin your future business. Not long into the future, I'll hear someone say "do you remember that crappy phone system? I think it was something like magphone, can't remember, o well those things come and go so fast, must be more poor management!!"

Niki135 says: (9 years ago)
I got sold a phone that has the wrong area code for where I live, I tried to use the 1 time free thing to change the number. It gave me a even farther away number and my 1 time is gone. I can't talk to a real person to ask for help. No help menu helps. I found a sales ad and called it and in 3 minutes it was finishing selling me another phone bundle and kept saying now we will be transferring funds to pay for the purchase. I screamed no-no-no-no very loud and didn't confuse it while it was finishing the sale. What kind of a business tries to sell you more of a product that you have had and tried for the most of a year to use and still it just gathers dust. Good Idea, Poor customer handling. They can only do this so long until it up and bites them in the butt!!!! All I want is the correct area code and I could make some use of it. People that I give the number to for calling me won't as it incurrs long distance unless they have a cell phone with free calls in the USA.
Ray in Oregon, mad as a wet hen!!!!#$#%^^&&*

rgruenhaus says: (9 years ago)
Francille and others having a problem with the password, try the first ten characters of what you believe the password is. I say this because I put in a 13 character password and found that their system only accepted the first 10.

veny says: (9 years ago)
i have a complaint because majicjack changed my number and i hate it its my first day using it and i want a refund or at least my old number back if i want to i can sue i dont care i hate majicjack worst thing that has ever happened to me i want to change it by today or as soon as possible you better give me an answer back or what i want which is my old number back so at least tell me how to get it back because i didnt read carefully now my new number is 9542469853 my old number is 9549670851 please give a response in an email please i am begging you cause i will not recomend noone this horrible product to anyone unless i get my old number back and disconect this product but i will not disconect it if you give me my old number back please!!!!!!!!!!!!

miniaturehome says: (9 years ago)
Majic Jack is a piece of junk. I guess for $20/yr, I shouldn't have expected much. When calls come in, it takes so long for majik jack to boot up that the call goes to voice mail before I can answer. Then it tells me I have a voice mail, but most of the time when people leave messages, they don't come through. Sometimes, when I answer before it goes to voice mail, either the other person can't hear me, or I hear what sounds like a phone ringing on the line instead of the other person's voice (it's not my phone ringing.) This also happens frequently when I try to call someone else. Instead of their voice when they answer, I hear nothing but the stupid ringing! What a pain in the you know where! ANY cell phone service would be better than that unless there is no reception at all.

mdfarooqali says: (9 years ago)
I tried to plug the magic jack into another USB port on another computer and it wants my email and password. When I enter it it says that it does not match. I don't have a copy of what I used to activate it the first time but that is my correct email address and that is the only password I use

jkaymcc says: (9 years ago)

First off I don't like having to have my computer on 24/7 to use it. I personally like turning my computer off at night. Saves a little power.
There's a time delay when talking to anyone. So, if you ask the person on the other end a question, you have to wait for a 3 to 4 second time delay for them to hear the question, in the meantime, you think they haven't heard you, so you ask again, by that time they've heard the question and are answering the question, and you miss what thery're saying because your repeating the original question, they stop answering because they hear you repeating yourself....are you following? In other words you start walking on each others words is what I'm trying to convey. It's annoying as heck.
The echoing is awful. This is on every call also, not just some. I can hear myself talking back. Combined with the time delay....yikes!
People on the other end have to turn they're phone volume up all the way or they can't hear me. And it's like this with every person I call. It's not like it's the other persons phone. It's the stupid Magic Jack.
The only reason I don't get rid of the awful thing is because my husband thinks it's just fine, and for $30 a year we can deal with it.
I actually have people contact me via e-mail now instead of calling, because they hate it too. Between the time delay, echoing, and not being able to hear me, they'd rather e-mail unless it's a "got to have an answer right now" thing.

francille says: (9 years ago)
I tried to plug the magic jack into another USB port on another computer and it wants my email and password. When I enter it it says that it does not match. I don't have a copy of what I used to activate it the first time but that is my correct email address and that is the only password I use.I was trying to switch it to another computer because my USB is not powerful enough to send caller Ids through o my phone. I'm trying to rectify the situation and running into worse problems. For instance have switched it back to the first computer and now it wants me to register my email and password and it gives me the same error messag. in other words, I now have no service at all.

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