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Enhanced, Premium and Category Partnerships help Online Reputation, Search Rankings and Customer Service Brand.
Keep your customers happy and increase recommendations, get an edge on the competition and build sales.
Thousands of Businesses already use MeasuredUp tools. Upgrade your partnership and increase sales.

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    ENHANCED BUSINESS TOOLS - A great package for a local or small Business that wants to answer customer service issues, manage online reputation and increase sales. All the BASIC tools and the ability to manage your Business page. Edit company bio, address, contact info, feature your logo, offer discounts.

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    PREMIUM BUSINESS TOOLS - It’s the perfect turnkey online reputation management tool for larger Businesses that coordinate many employees. All the features of BASIC and ENHANCED packages with extra online customer service tools that allow you to delegate employees to answer tickets and complaints.

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    We accept one exclusive sponsorship per category. Secure your businesses category sponsorship now before your competitor. Contact us directly for pricing.

    CATEGORY SPONSORSHIP BUY - We now offer custom "Exclusive Category Sponsorships" that allow you to own your category across all of MeasuredUp. This maximum level of partnership allows you to redefine your customer service reputation, help build your brand and drive new sales.

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Some Of The Premiere Companies That Use MeasuredUp

MeasuredUp Success Stories

"Just a few minutes after submitting this complaint, I was contacted by the company. He mentioned this site!! It worked! My husband is so ecstatic, he did not believe it would help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"
"We had a bad experience initially with Comcast's customer service, but within hours of my posting a review on MeasuredUp I heard from Comcast." Mary
"Thank you for this site it really works. I wrote a review, the company saw it and contacted me. They wanted to answer my complaint. I got my problem SOLVED!!!!" Stephen
"Measured up provides a great service in helping get conflicts resolved with companies. It is great to have somewhere to turn when you aren't getting anywhere directly with the company. Thanks measured up! You made it easy to solve my complaint" Danielle M
"MeasuredUp's assistance gave me the necessary leverage I needed to reimburse me for unsatisfactory service. The company contacted me after posting my consumer complaint, and I received a monetary refund and a replacement item. Go MeasuredUp!"
"I was trying to help a dear friend and I came across MeasuredUp. I was able to post something about my friend on MeasuredUp and it helped tremendously in resolving the problem. I'm sure MeasuredUp will be one that I'll rely on in the future. Great job!"
"Posting on your site DEFINITELY HELPED (it was pointed out by retailer), and sped up response after 6 weeks of mulling around BEFORE we posted our complaint."
"Thanks MeasuredUp for helping solve my customer service complaint. The company I reviewed saw my complaint and contacted me to solve it. I like MeasuredUp better then Twitter because I could get into detail about my complaint." Lila C.
"Customer Service reps saw my review on MeasuredUp and answered my complaint through the MeasuredUp system. I am very happy that I got my refund." Jim H.
"I love going out and telling people that are rude to me that I am going to write a review about them on MeasuredUp and then watch them try and be nicer so i will write a good review." Patty Q.


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