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 Companies can take the free Measuredup Pledge and build brand

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Welcome Companies and Business owners.

Take the Measuredup Pledge.  This is a program we have developed to help forward thinking companies demonstrate their commitment to improving Customer Service and making customers happy.

If you are interested in promoting the Pledge to your customers then please download the Measuredup logo and Pledge from

It is free to companies and makes a powerful statement that might just differentiate you from your no good competitors.

In this world of fragmenting media and online marketing its harder then ever to market to your audience and Customer Service is more important then ever in building your brand.  Show your consumers you care about them, are not afraid to put your brand where your mouth is and are committed to improving your Customer Service.

The Customer Service Pledge:

This company cares about our customers.

We want them to be happy and understand that without them we are not in business.

We know we can’t always be perfect and that some consumers will be angry sometimes, but we are committed to improving our Customer Service and making sure our employees always respect the customer.  In this way we will increase brand loyalty, word of mouth and repeat business.

By placing the logo on our website we are supporting the Customer Service Pledge to focus on making the consumer happy and to improving our customer service.

We believe the customer is always right.

We are so committed to Customer Service that we want to hear from you if your problem has not been addressed and we encourage you to submit customer service reviews to our company or to

We look forward to making you a happy customer.

Download the free logo and company pledge from Measuredup.

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